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Online Gambling News From Germany

Schleswig Holstein has proven the rest of the German states wrong, because it was considered to be the odd one out, when it set to create its own European Commission approved online gambling business. However the news is that Saxony may be the next state to join the online gambling market. Saxony is more liberal and positive in approach when it comes to online gambling. As for the remaining states things cannot get any worse as the proposal put forth by them has been rejected by the EC.

As the highly restrictive treaty on gambling is coming to an end this year, the rest of the states are running out of time as they may stand to lose their current gambling structure and the legalized web casino online gambling regime.

Italy seems to have benefited by the legalization of online gambling and it has also witnessed a surge in online casino domains. More in-depth information about the proposed online gambling regulations has been revealed by the local newswire MIT in Hungary. This includes information on the fines and penalties that are proposed for illegal online gambling operators. Taxation details have also been revealed for other forms of gambling like horse care betting and online casino card games.